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Erik Suidman

recent works and work in progress

A man with a box on his head, posing somewhat dispiritedly in front of a geometrical wallpaper pattern. An elephant man in front of another wallpaper design. A series of four portraits, affected by plastic surgery. A nerdy Superman. And 1300 portraits.

The major part of these portraits was made for an exhibition that took place in october and november 2015, in which the walls of a gallery space in Utrecht were filled floor to ceiling with portraits. These portraits are made in various techniques (oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolour, chalk, charcoal, pencil), on various surfaces (canvas, canvasboard, wood, hardboard, paper, cardboard), their common denominator being their size. Each portrait measures 18x24 cm. At the bottom of this page is an impression of this maddening project.

More portraits are on display in this department: 18x24. Click to enlarge


Erik Suidman Erik Suidman
Erik Suidman Erik Suidman