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                                                                                                                          Erik Suidman    
Erik Suidman started painting in 1994 after aimlessly graduating in Dutch literature. His main theme in the early years was cruelty. In his first year as a painter this was evoked in an extensive series of colourful saints and martyrs showing off the heinous wounds that signify their martyrdom. After that, he turned to a slightly more profane theme; meat and the industry that turns animals into products. 'The Slaughterhouse', some butchers, some dissected body's and chunks of flesh were the result. Occasionally the classic theme of the odd beheading still turns up, but the excessive bloodstreams of the Vegetarian Renaissance seem to have halted.

In essence, all these paintings revolve around emotion. Or, just as emphatic, complete lack of emotion. Initially, the prevailing sentiment was utter desperation, the tormented subjects were screaming their lungs out with full usage of every facial muscle available. Gradually some more variation in the subtleties of the psychic gamut led to a more demure display of sensitive eruptions. Sometimes even the painter himself is puzzled about the intent of certain grimaces.

Heart and Mind - Interview with Dutch Painter Erik Suidman 28-4-2017



The Saints’, solo show, church of Warfhuizen, Groningen, 1997
A lot of Works´, group show, Galerie De Sigarenfabriek, Delft, 1999


The Drowning Boys´, solo show, de Baas, Utrecht, 1999

Art and Laughter’, group show, CBK Het Kunstpaleis, Deventer
A matter of taste, group show, Galerie Beeldkracht, Scheemda, 2000
'Kunst met een grote U’, exhibition acquisitions council Utrecht, 2000
ehibition nominees ‘Grote Prijs Alfons Blomme’, Stadsmuseum, Roeselare, 2001
Core 108’, group show, filmacademie, Amsterdam, 2001
De kunst van het genieten’, group show, Gedistilleerdmuseum, Schiedam, 2002
Anecdote or expression’, group show, Galerie Beeldkracht, Scheemda, 2002
'Boulevard d'Unica', group show, Utrecht, 2003

'Kunst voor kust', group show, Oudenoord, Utrecht, 2005                                    
144 portraits, solo show, Zolamanola, Utrecht, 2005
New Love’, group show, Kunstliefde, Utrecht, 2005
`Screamback´, travelling group show, Roden, Hamburg, Amsterdam, 2005
`Nebenwelten´, group show in the parking cellar of Babel, Utrecht, 2005 featuring Joris Diks, Iris Frerichs, Martijn Gerritse, Lenneke van der Goot, Joyce Graafhuis, Sarah Gunti, Wies Hesselink, Elisabeth Kaldeway, Iris Schiebergen, Erik Suidman, Sandra Tap and Jep van de Ven
 'Art for aids auction´, group show, Hotel Arena, Amsterdam, 2005
´ Nebenwelten 2; Ausflug nach Eden´, group show, Het Kunstgebeuren, Ede, 2006 featuring Iris Frerichs, Lenneke van der Goot, Sarah Gunti, Wies Hesselink, Elisabeth Kaldeway, Erik Suidman, Sandra Tap and Jep van de Ven.
`Hommage to Rembrandt´, group show, Sidac Studio, Leiden, 2006
´ What are we waiting for`, solo show, gallery Beeldkracht, Scheemda, 2006
´ Ten voeten uit´, group show of life-sized self-portraits, Koetshuis Mensinge, Roden, 2006
´ Paper Maché`, solo show, Stadsschouwburg, Utrecht, 2006
'Erik Suidman', solo show, Springers Wonen, Utrecht, 2007
  Frans Smeets/Erik Suidman, duo show, Kunstkerk, Amsterdam, 2007
'200 years Kunstliefde', 'A show case filled with pain', installation with Elisabeth Kaldeway, group show, Dutch Design Centre, Utrecht, 2007, featuring Adriaan van den Berk, Rik Berkhout, Karen Ebert, Truus van den Heuvel, Michiel Kagenaar, Elisabeth Kaldeway, Hank Kruidhof, Elisabeth Müller, Nena Sesic Fisher, Erik Suidman, and Marion Wagenvoort                
  'Naked', group show, Kunstliefde, Utrecht, 2007                                          
'Faces', group show, Vogelenburcht, Utrecht, 2007
'New Works', solo show, Springers Wonen, Utrecht, 2008
'Kerk expo', group show, Gregoriuskapel, Utrecht, 2008
Kunstmanifestatie, group show, Sint Jacobuskerk, Utrecht, 2008              
  Museum of Modern Art, group show, Kyoto, Japan, 2009
Kanagawa Arts Foundation, group show, Yokohama, Japan, 2009
The Museum of Modern Art, group show, Saitama, Japan, 2009
'Na de verbouwing', group show, Kunstliefde, Utrecht, 2009
'Holy Apples', Springers, Utrecht, 2009, group show, featuring Rens van Bergen, Lydia Dekker, Eelco Hofstra, Anne Meijer, Erik Suidman and Michiel Willemsen
            'Maliehuis Museaal', temporary museum, Utrecht, 2010, featuring Renata Berk, Jesse van Boheemen, Hanne Devries, Jeroen ten Houte de Lange, Alisa Osinga, Eline Peek, Wouter van Schaik, Erik Suidman and Jep van de Ven
  'FEMArt', solo show, Faculteit voor Economie & Management, Utrecht, 2010
''Plaats Delict # 1: Geweld', group show, Paraplufabriek, Nijmegen, 2011, featuring Bart Jansen, Tzenko Stoyanov, Ronald Ophuis, Matthijs Muller, Salwa Jabli, Niek Audenaerd, Erik Suidman, Ashkan Honarvar, Patrick van Oostrum and David Kok.                            
'Zomer bij Kunstliefde', group show, Kunstliefde, Utrecht, 2011